MR P's Parents

"A girl who was an artist, met a boy who was a hunter. They fell in love, got married and had a son. They named him Mr P. They decided to create some cool onesies and tees for Mr P & his buddies to wear. Mr P's Tees is Lissy & Brent Compton. "

That is the basic short story of it! After we had Pearson, we found that we were really not impressed with the options out there for babies (esp BOYS) to wear. We are not into ruffles and gingham and we especially hate the cheesy baby clothes out there like "Show me your boobies!!". We are blue jean and t-shirt kind of people. Comfy with style!! We wanted to create designs that reflected us--artist plus hunter. So, our first 6 designs were animals and most are Southern animals that we see in our own back yard. All of the designs are hand drawn by Lissy. No clip art, no cut and paste. We like to think of the tees as little pieces of art that are screen printed on the best quality tees available.   

   We both have regular full time jobs besides this one. Lissy is a talented art teacher and Brent has a window and door shop.  Just a normal little family in small town USA working hard and having fun. We have one employee who is a full time college student who helps fill the orders and keep things running smoothly for us while we are at work. Fast forward 6 years later and Mr P now has two younger sisters- Phoebe and Leighton. So, we now try to create a few cool girly tees each season too. 

 We appreciate all the support we have gotten with our little family business. 

Lissy was awarded Best Artist of the Delta for 2012, 2013, & 2015.  Mr P's Tees won BEST T-Shirts of the Delta by DeltaStyle Magazine in 2016 and "Best Local Product" by Bayou Life Magazine in Summer 2017, 2018, and 2019. We have proudly donated over  $150k back to our community and region since we started in 2012. Toggle fullscreen